Frequently Asked Questions

Our accounting team will send you an invoice one per billing cycle (once per year). You can pay with bank wire, check, credit card or even WISE.

You simply send us an email or use our contact page. 

We will get back to you witht a custom quote and more information on how to proceed.

The contract renews yearly. You can cancel anytime to avoid getting re-billed.

No, the repair costs and any additional costs incurred are not included in the yearly fee. 

The yearly fee simply covers the home audits / check ups and our consultation fee.

Following the checkup, we will provide you with a list of repairs and tasks. You simply tell us which of those you want fixed and we’ll give you a custom quote for each tasks.

We evaluate all companies and contractors that we work with based on a very complex and multistep process. You can rest assured that we will only work with people that know what they are doing and have the rep to back it up.